Roof Garden Design

When you don’t have the luxury of a backyard or a front yard because you’re living in the metropolitan area, it can be hard to grow plants in pots hanging out your window which is why you can check out some roof garden design. It’s hazardous if you live 34 floor above because it can fall on someone if you don’t fix it properly. It’s also impossible to grow plants if your apartment doesn’t get a lot of sun or have a balcony to expose the plants to rain. Basically, it’s a challenge to grow a garden when you don’t live in the country side where the soil is rich and there is an abundance of space to till.

If you’re creative and really determined to have your own garden however, a roof garden could be the solution. If you own the house you’re living in, you can renovate the roof area to make it into your very own garden. However, if you live in an apartment building and have to share with a lot of other tenants, it may require you to ask permission from the management before you can make any changes to their roof.

The first thing you need to consider when making a roof garden is the space you have to work with and the plants you can grow in your area. A roof garden is a great way to make a relaxing place for you to spend time in when you’re bored inside your house.

There are a lot of ways to make it interesting. You can add a table and chairs so it can also serve as a place to hang out with or entertain guests. And like a regular front yard or backyard, you can create a roof garden design that is beautiful and creative with the choice of plants you will use.


Garden Landscape Design Ideas

A garden is not just made of some random seeds spread all over your front yard. In fact, a beautiful garden requires thorough planning and well thought ideas. Although it is not as complicated as the mathematical science, some people still find it difficult to make the perfect ones. If you are one of them, here are some easy to follow garden landscape design ideas for you.

First thing that you need to do is go out and take a snap of your front yard or back yard which you want to make into your dream garden landscape design ideas. Take it from every angle and take a look at its contour, size, and shape. Draw it on a piece of paper and then you can add the element that you want on it. it is just like playing a house game when we are children. Remember that you should adjust your design with it. Decide on where to put shady bug trees, beautiful perennials and colorful flowers, shrubs and pathways. Use your knowledge about the sun to decide on which area needs shade and which does not. Remember to keep the balance: the planted area should not be smaller than the pathways or the hard landscape such as patio, pool etc or vice versa. Balance is the key.

Organize your plants. Once you have decided on which area to be planted and which are not, you have enough space and estimation on how many kinds of flowers you want and what kind of effect you want your design to show. The effect of your garden landscape design ideas shows in how you coordinate the color of your garden and it basically comes from the color of your flowers. Plant odd numbered of flowers in one flower bed. Remember to keep it less than five since too many colors will be confusing. Pay attention on the seasons when they bloom. You better plant different season flowers in the same bed so one can bloom and replace the one who does not in a certain season. Use shrubs as borders in between planted and non planted area and use big trees for shading when you think that there is too much sun in some certain areas.

Decide on where you would like to set your focal point in your garden landscape design ideas. All of the elements of your garden should lead the viewers of your garden to that certain focal point. It means that it should be cleared from obstructions. A vocal point can be in the form of a window, door, statue, fountain, or patio. An arbor in the entrance of a garden will be grand and a trellis in bold color can be the best focal point for your garden.


English Country Garden Design Ideas

What an English country garden offers you is the beauty of nature in its freedom and very basic elements. There is no rule, there is no closure, and there is no limit. All is free to grow and all colors are free to mix. That is all an English country garden can offer to the view. What they over to you instead of the view is the easier maintenance despite the natural beauty it offers. Nowadays, more people are interested in this kind of garden. If you are one of them but do not know how to start, here are some of English country garden design ideas to help you.

An English country garden design ideas requires you to be creative in choosing the right flowers to grow in your garden. There is no set rule which one should be planted on it. You can decide on which flowers you like the most. Remember that an English country garden is particular with its colorful flowers. It means that a mono chromatic flower is a must when you love yellow flowers. Be generous and add more colors on your flower beds which can distract bees and butterflies. Arrange them in such a way that one plant benefits the others in the terms of shade but does not destroy each other in the form of pest plants.

Space is never an issue in an English country garden design ideas. Small space can be magically transformed into a beautiful garden by a little space adjustment trick. Reduce the planted area and leave the pathway and lush greeneries bigger so it seems that you have wider space. For a wider garden, you can add wider sitting area, adding flower features such as a pond or a fountain and lush greeneries wherever you want. This will be able to make use every part of your garden into a perfect place to enjoy the beauty of your garden.

Additional accessories such as statues, miniature of Roman temples, Chinese pavilion etc is best in the 18th century when this kind of English country garden design ideas became a trend in England. The accessories can be put randomly or set in one place in particular. As long as it still bring out the old English era with appropriate materials such as wooden chairs, metal or iron stools or benches on it will suffice. Remember to stain them well to protect them from weather.


Courtyard Garden Design Ideas

A courtyard garden design ideas is like an extension of the house in the form of a garden. It is like your green veranda. It is mostly attached to the main building of a house and is usually packed or small in size. Most of the time, a courtyard garden is surrounded by walls to give its owner both privacy and safety in both enjoying the garden and staying in the house. If you are interested to have one in your house, here are some of the tips for you.

The most important characteristics of a courtyard garden design ideas is the closure or in other words the walls. If we think of a wall surrounding a small spaced area full with plants, we might feel cramped and uncomfortable as if we are jailed in the garden. To prevent this to happen, you can transform the wall look into the more friendly or natural looking ones. Instead of having solid walls around your garden, you better have trellis wit plants hovering on it, or potted plants with colorful flowers in front of it. Fences from various designs and materials are applicable as walls when it is smoothen by natural plants on it.

The next about planning a great courtyard garden design ideas is the view that comes out of it. A courtyard garden is all about the view into it then from it. What I mean is that, a beautiful courtyard garden should look perfect in every angle of the house even from the windows on the second floor. That is a challenge in itself since you need to do some research by taking good look of your garden from every angle of the house. If there is a big plant blocking the view from the top floor, you need to replace it. If the plants are too tall for you to see into it from your kitchen you need to trim it.

The setting of a courtyard garden design ideas is not as complicated as a formal French style garden and yet not as random as cottage garden. You need to reduce the amount of plants to make sure that the garden will look spacey and less crowded. Instead of planting bushes here and there, plotted plants with beautiful flowers in various colors are more good looking and easier to arrange and adjust to your setting. Always remember that simplicity is best in cottage garden design since it only has small area to create it.

A cottage garden is technically a patio garden. Due to its limited size, sometimes patio is combined within the garden itself which force you to keep the plants around the lounging area of your patio. Do not worry you can be creative with the use of various plants or trellis to separate the parts of planted area and lounging area. Remember that neat and clean is best combined with nature such as the characteristics of courtyard garden design ideas.


Front Yard Landscape Design Ideas

A front yard is the face of your house. It pretty much represents what is presented in the inside of it. Having a messy and disorganized front yard will discourage whoever willing to come to your house. On the other hand, having a neat and tidy one will amaze whoever pass your house and will attract more people to come in. If you want to have the same wow effect in your front yard landscape design ideas, here are some easy tricks for you.

One thing you should think about before planting your flowers is a good design and perfect planning for your front yard landscape design ideas. You can get both by searching the sufficient knowledge about it. Do not worry; landscape design is not a rocket science so it should be easy. The motto is simple: know your land, know your plant, and know your sun.

Know your land means you should know the condition of your front yard before you make the front yard landscape design ideas. Consider the size, shape, contour and the kind of land and watering it has. If you have bigger land it is a plus, but if you have smaller land, you might need to shrink the kinds of plant your want. Contour will decide on which land is best for pathways and which one is best for the plants. Usually, the one with uneven contour is used as the planted area in which you can use the contour to highlight some plants. Watering is important since if you want to add water elements such as small creek, waterfall or pond, the closer to the water source, the better is the motto.

Know your plants means that you need to know the kind of land you want in your front yard landscape design ideas. Read the label of the seed or observe other front yard plants via browsing or travelling around your neighborhood as an inspiration. Besides its color, you need to consider on how it grows, how much fertilizer it needs, how much sun and water it needs, how far should the interval in between plants etc. all of the information about it are available for all of you and for both in the net or magazine.

The last but not least is knowing your sun. The word sun here means the weather. You should take a look at your landscape, which parts are shaded, higher and receives more water and sun. Understanding your sun will determine you on what kinds of plants survive and bloom in what weather. Combining different colored flowers in different season will maintain the beauty of your front yard landscape design ideas.


Japanese Garden Design Ideas

A Japanese garden is not just a piece of land planted with various colors of flowers and pathways. It is more like a philosophy in its own. Every element of a Japanese garden tells the teaching of life and the depth of natural balance. That is why this kind of garden holds special place in both Japanese society and the world in general. People do not play with Japanese garden they learn something from it, from creating it. If you want to get the same ideas in your garden, some of these Japanese garden design ideas below might help you.

One thing that you should know about Japanese garden design ideas is that there are three kinds of Japanese garden design according to its function and nature. They are Hill and Pond Garden, Flat Garden and Tea Garden. Hill and Pond gardens consist of a pond fronts, a hill and it can be an actual water pond or a raked gravel pond. It represents a mountain area and its function is for strolling. Flat Green with open flat spaces in front represents seashore by which its representative plants and used for contemplation in courtyards. Tea garden has Roji (dewy path) as the focus along with water basin and gates.

The elements of Japanese garden design ideas are blend together in such a way that they create balance in its design. Nothing should stand out and dominate the scenery and nothing should be placed hidden from view. All of the elements of a Japanese garden has its portion and position to fill in adding the beauty of it. Unlike the western garden with one or two focal points, a Japanese garden considers all of the parts of the garden are focal points. That is why, you should arrange the elements of your garden in such balance.

The next thing about Japanese garden design ideas is that it requires natural feel in it. All of its elements are mostly taken and formed by nature. Japanese people will take home a random stone which has a natural beauty in it home and make it into one of the elements of their garden. plants are specifically chosen according to the kind of place they should live in. If there is a raked gravel pool, it should also be designed in such a way that it flows naturally. in a Japanese garden, nothing is artificial.

When talking about Japanese garden design ideas with its unique elements, you might think that it is difficult to create such balance in your garden. Think again. You do not need to adopt all. Adopting its raked gravel pond, bamboo plants, water ornaments etc will suffice.