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The best carpet colors for living room

Red – Red is always a very nice color for a living room carpet. Red goes with practically all shades such as white, black, beige or brown. So if your walls are painted in any other shades or you have furniture in these colors, you can go for a red carpet. If you are unsure about the brightness of red, you can go for the darker variant of maroon. Maroon looks regal and gives your living room an instant lift.

Brown – Brown is another favorite color for living room carpets. No matter what the shade of the other elements of the living room are, you can also score well with a brown carpet. Brown is an earthen color and so blends well with the floor, especially so if it is wooden. So if you want to play safe and also have a stunning look for the living room, you can definitely opt for a brown carpet.

Beige – Beige is also a very popular choice for living room carpets. Beige is a soothing color and is pleasing to the eyes. It matches with all types of wall and furniture shades as well. The only problem with a beige carpet is that you need to take good care of it. A carpet in this shade stains easily so it is probably not a good idea to have a beige carpet if you have pets or young children at home. Otherwise, beige is a lovely color for any living room carpet

Multicolored – Last but not the least, if you are adventurous and a little bohemian in your outlook, you can get a multicolored carpet for your living room. These carpets are very funky and go well with monochromatic walls and furniture sets.

Living Room

How to Choose the Right Carpet Colors for Living Room Designs

If you are looking for some carpet colors for living room, you will be happy to know that your choices are many. Carpets have many functions – they provide a soft bed for you to walk on, they protect the floor of the living room and they also add a lot of beauty to the living room. The carpets however need to be selected properly to get the best results. So before you carpet shopping, keep a few things about the aesthetics of a carpet in mind and then you will not have any difficulty whatsoever in buying the most beautiful carpet for your living room.


Brick Fireplace Design Ideas

Having a house with natural feel is indeed a luxury on its own. Living in a big city with its crowded and busy lifestyle does not mean that you cannot enjoy nature anymore. In fact, you can bring nature to your house or apartment simply by bringing up its element in one or two parts of your interior. Brick can be your option. Set them on your wall or fireplace to give a calming natural feel in your house or apartment. If wall is too much, fireplace will do. Check out some of these cool brick fireplace design ideas below.

Brick fireplace design ideas can come in various ways. The first thing that you can do to make your brick fireplace looks outstanding is by choosing the right material. Bricks come in various colors and shades. Make sure that you choose the right color matches the rest of the room. if your room is wide with lots of light coming in, you might need to tone down the brightness by choosing dark colored bricks. However, if your room is narrow and lacking of light, monotonous brighter colored bricks will be better. It will make the room seems bigger.

The next thing you need to do with your brick fireplace design ideas is deciding how you will apply your bricks. Some fireplaces set the bricks in the whole wall adjoining with the fireplace. Some other even makes choose the same bricks for the flooring. Matching the bricks with the rest of the walls and flooring will create a classical look in the room, make it seems medieval like. But if you opt to have the bricks on the fireplace or the mantle only, you better match the color and materials of your bricks with the rest of the room for unity.

Brick fireplace design ideas come with various kinds of mantle. You can match it with woods, ceramic, granite, glass even custom mantle sold in stores. Bricks are natural so it goes with any mantle. Think out of the box when you choose the right mantle for your brick fireplace. If you like classical look, you can even have bricks as your mantle or luxurious carved wooden mantle. However, if you want to have a simple and chick look in your fireplace, you can have a simple wood or glass pane hung above your mantle.

If you do not like the natural look of your brick fireplace design ideas, you can always paint them to match the rest of the room. Glossy natural black stone color is perfect to match your modern room. Other colors such as light blue, peach, crème, or light brick red can be your alternatives. Remember to stain them well for easier maintenance.


Corner Fireplace Design Ideas

Having a center fireplace is not the luxury of everyone. A warm source of warmth in the middle of the room is indeed comfortable in the harsh cold wind of winter. However, some people have to settle for a corner fireplace instead for some circumstances. If you are one of them and do not know what to do about it, some of these corner fireplace design ideas will do lots of help to you and your family.

Chimneys are common in a fireplace with logs. A corner fireplace allows you to make your chimney as a decorative item as well. Try to have a chimney which goes from the floor to the ceiling. You can put the flat surface of the chimney wall to hang your paintings or even a television set. Another option is having a round chimney which goes up from the floor. Create some nooks or niches on its wall to put your decorations or simply paint it with contrasting colors to give a focal point on it will suffice your excellent corner fireplace design ideas.

A mantel in a fireplace is essential. In a corner fireplace, a mantle can be utilized for another function such as a place to put your pictures or decorations. Candles, Chinas, statues or other ornaments van be stacked on it neatly. In this term, it serves as a storage system too. Choose brick fireplace and granite mantle for a classy traditional style. More modern fireplace allows you to have no mantle at all and opt to use decorative elements such as decorative tiles or accents on your corner fireplace design ideas.

If you do not want to be troubled by maintenance of firewood and chimneys, a modern stand alone fireplace with gas can be your simple corner fireplace design ideas option. They come with various kinds of designs to go with your room. You can buy it easily and have them installed directly without altering your construction.

Heavy and space consuming chimney can be eliminated for a better use of space and spacious effect in your small room. If you like simpler option, open bioethanol fueled fireplace is another magic that technology can give to your corner fireplace design ideas. They can be installed easily on your wall which gives you more space for your furniture and be creative with the area below the fireplace to decorate with pebbles or other decorations.


Fireplace Mantel Design Ideas

Mantel is like a frame of a picture. You can have a beautiful picture, but when it is poorly framed, you will find that its beauty is diminishing due to the plainness of the frame. On the other hand, a plain and simple picture can be made into an attractive when you put an attractive frame on it. That is how a mantel works in bringing out the beauty of your fireplace. And that is why choosing the right mantel is not easy. We are here to help you by showing you some of these tips on fireplace mantel design ideas.

Material comes first when we are talking about fireplace mantel design ideas. Mantel can be made from various materials such as woods, bricks, gypsum, marble, metal, glass and even any kind of ceramic and natural stones. Consider the kind of room style you want to incorporate it with to decide on the right materials. If you opt for a more modern look, glass, wooden panel, smoothly cut granite or ceramic is best. However, if you want a more traditional look, bricks and stones as the extensions of the fireplace itself can bring out the neutrality of an old log house in your room.

Balance and harmony comes second in fireplace mantel design ideas. Once you have decided on which material to use, make sure that you set them in the right balance and harmony with the rest of the fireplace’s elements including the wall and chimney. Adjust the size of the mantel according to the width of your fireplace. Make sure you left some space beyond its widths so it will seems balances. A narrow mantel will not do. Make it at least at the same width or a little bit wider than the fireplace itself. Harmony can come from how the material, color and design blend well with the rest of the fireplace elements, for example wooden elements for bricks fireplace, etc.

Decoration comes next in fireplace mantel design ideas. Mantel can be left bare with nothing on it or it can be used as a decorative element by putting decorative items on it. Pictures, clocks, small statues or china with vases of flowers can be set on it to add the beauty of your fireplace. Remember do not overdo it by packing up everything on your mantel. Better you set one or two pictures in the middle and then leave the rest of the mantel bare. You can also set a TV set above it to add the function of the fireplace.

Whatever fireplace mantel design ideas you choose, make sure it is based on your taste. A design works best when it describes the creator’s emotion. Be creative!


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