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Wood Flooring Design Ideas

One of the ways to bring out luxury and elegance in your house is by incorporating woods in your design. Woods with its natural brilliance in each of its fibers give the sparkle of an English palace when it is stained well. However, wooden furniture is not the only answer to bring luxury to your house. Flooring can be your ultimate solution. If you are thinking about having wood flooring for your house, here are some wood flooring design ideas for your references.

Nowadays, there are many designs, colors and style for wood flooring. Choose brighter colored woods when you deal with smaller room. You can combine a brighter color wood floor with floral draperies, rustic furniture and cream and rustic wall colors to give out the traditional look in your wood flooring design ideas. Brighter color woods will make your room seems brighter and bigger since it does not shrink the point of view. Brighter wood flooring will also give your room a warmer and less formal traditional look.

For more formal style decoration ideas, darker colored wood flooring design ideas is best. When it is nicely coated in gloss coating, darker colored flooring gives out elegant look with classic and luxurious design which is perfect for your contemporary ideas. Sleek and clean furniture such as modern style wooden cabinets with sharp edges and mirror backsplash or stainless appliances are best combined with your darker flooring to add the elegance and luxury of your room. Darker flooring will shrink and emphasize the lines of your room, so you have to remember to set it for bigger sized room.

Who said that having patterned wood flooring is not possible for a luxurious room? There are merrier ideas for your hard wood flooring ideas nowadays thanks to the technology. These kinds of models allow you to combine two different woods with two different characteristics. It will give out nice accents as well as unique feel to your home d├ęcor ideas. Patterned flooring can be in the form of parquet designs with floor laid side by side to form a checkerboards style pattern, herringbone patterns both single and double plank in diagonal patterns along the walls, medallions and inlays which can be formed according to you preferences, and borders to create a focal point in your rooms. Although it needs careful process with the help of professionals, installing patterned wood flooring design ideas worth the trouble.

Wood flooring design ideas needs more maintenance. Do a regular maintenance to keep the stain well protecting the surface of your wood flooring. You might need to be careful with it too since scratches will make you wood flooring dull.

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