Laminate Flooring Design Ideas

One is lucky enough if he or she can afford beautiful wooden flooring or marble flooring for their house’ wood does add the elegance and natural feel in the room and marble does give out the spark needed for both French style and modern kitchen. they are too expensive though. If you want to have the appearance of marble or wood with limited budget, laminate is best. Here is some of the best laminate flooring design ideas for your reference.

Laminate flooring design ideas comes in various designs and models. Design will decide on which laminate you choose. Choose whole flooring if you want to have a plain and none patterned flooring. Planks are best if you want to get the linear patterns for additional accents on your flooring. Laminate tiles can spoil you with many possibilities and mosaic patterns through the plethora of designs and styles available in stores.

The best thing with this kind of flooring is that you still can get the looks of expensive material such as wood and natural stones but still with cheaper bargain. Try to incorporate different kinds of patterns in your laminate flooring design ideas to add the flair in your kitchen. If you opt for wood, combining lighter and darker toned wood can generate luxury and uniqueness of your floor. Choosing the right combination of lighter and darker color works best for example, woods with bold patterns and distinct grains such as oak and cherry. Use both in one flooring by combination of tone.

Planks are best for your laminate flooring design ideas if you want to give certain effects on their flooring. Set your planks vertically to give out a linear and narrow effect in your wide room. if you have smaller room to deal with, changing the setting into diagonal planks set up will add more width in your room and add spacious effect in it. To make it even wider looking, choose brighter and soft patterned ones. Make sure that you match the color with your kitchen’s theme.

Incorporate framed flooring which gives out focal point in your room if you opt to patterning in your room. If you use planks, you can have them set differently between the frame and the inside. Set the frame vertically and the inside horizontally to give distinct effects. Try to have regular wood pattern outside and rug or carpeted pattern inside to give a more durable carpeted laminate flooring design ideas.

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