Japanese Garden Design Ideas

A Japanese garden is not just a piece of land planted with various colors of flowers and pathways. It is more like a philosophy in its own. Every element of a Japanese garden tells the teaching of life and the depth of natural balance. That is why this kind of garden holds special place in both Japanese society and the world in general. People do not play with Japanese garden they learn something from it, from creating it. If you want to get the same ideas in your garden, some of these Japanese garden design ideas below might help you.

One thing that you should know about Japanese garden design ideas is that there are three kinds of Japanese garden design according to its function and nature. They are Hill and Pond Garden, Flat Garden and Tea Garden. Hill and Pond gardens consist of a pond fronts, a hill and it can be an actual water pond or a raked gravel pond. It represents a mountain area and its function is for strolling. Flat Green with open flat spaces in front represents seashore by which its representative plants and used for contemplation in courtyards. Tea garden has Roji (dewy path) as the focus along with water basin and gates.

The elements of Japanese garden design ideas are blend together in such a way that they create balance in its design. Nothing should stand out and dominate the scenery and nothing should be placed hidden from view. All of the elements of a Japanese garden has its portion and position to fill in adding the beauty of it. Unlike the western garden with one or two focal points, a Japanese garden considers all of the parts of the garden are focal points. That is why, you should arrange the elements of your garden in such balance.

The next thing about Japanese garden design ideas is that it requires natural feel in it. All of its elements are mostly taken and formed by nature. Japanese people will take home a random stone which has a natural beauty in it home and make it into one of the elements of their garden. plants are specifically chosen according to the kind of place they should live in. If there is a raked gravel pool, it should also be designed in such a way that it flows naturally. in a Japanese garden, nothing is artificial.

When talking about Japanese garden design ideas with its unique elements, you might think that it is difficult to create such balance in your garden. Think again. You do not need to adopt all. Adopting its raked gravel pond, bamboo plants, water ornaments etc will suffice.

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