Garden Landscape Design Ideas

A garden is not just made of some random seeds spread all over your front yard. In fact, a beautiful garden requires thorough planning and well thought ideas. Although it is not as complicated as the mathematical science, some people still find it difficult to make the perfect ones. If you are one of them, here are some easy to follow garden landscape design ideas for you.

First thing that you need to do is go out and take a snap of your front yard or back yard which you want to make into your dream garden landscape design ideas. Take it from every angle and take a look at its contour, size, and shape. Draw it on a piece of paper and then you can add the element that you want on it. it is just like playing a house game when we are children. Remember that you should adjust your design with it. Decide on where to put shady bug trees, beautiful perennials and colorful flowers, shrubs and pathways. Use your knowledge about the sun to decide on which area needs shade and which does not. Remember to keep the balance: the planted area should not be smaller than the pathways or the hard landscape such as patio, pool etc or vice versa. Balance is the key.

Organize your plants. Once you have decided on which area to be planted and which are not, you have enough space and estimation on how many kinds of flowers you want and what kind of effect you want your design to show. The effect of your garden landscape design ideas shows in how you coordinate the color of your garden and it basically comes from the color of your flowers. Plant odd numbered of flowers in one flower bed. Remember to keep it less than five since too many colors will be confusing. Pay attention on the seasons when they bloom. You better plant different season flowers in the same bed so one can bloom and replace the one who does not in a certain season. Use shrubs as borders in between planted and non planted area and use big trees for shading when you think that there is too much sun in some certain areas.

Decide on where you would like to set your focal point in your garden landscape design ideas. All of the elements of your garden should lead the viewers of your garden to that certain focal point. It means that it should be cleared from obstructions. A vocal point can be in the form of a window, door, statue, fountain, or patio. An arbor in the entrance of a garden will be grand and a trellis in bold color can be the best focal point for your garden.

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