Front Yard Landscape Design Ideas

A front yard is the face of your house. It pretty much represents what is presented in the inside of it. Having a messy and disorganized front yard will discourage whoever willing to come to your house. On the other hand, having a neat and tidy one will amaze whoever pass your house and will attract more people to come in. If you want to have the same wow effect in your front yard landscape design ideas, here are some easy tricks for you.

One thing you should think about before planting your flowers is a good design and perfect planning for your front yard landscape design ideas. You can get both by searching the sufficient knowledge about it. Do not worry; landscape design is not a rocket science so it should be easy. The motto is simple: know your land, know your plant, and know your sun.

Know your land means you should know the condition of your front yard before you make the front yard landscape design ideas. Consider the size, shape, contour and the kind of land and watering it has. If you have bigger land it is a plus, but if you have smaller land, you might need to shrink the kinds of plant your want. Contour will decide on which land is best for pathways and which one is best for the plants. Usually, the one with uneven contour is used as the planted area in which you can use the contour to highlight some plants. Watering is important since if you want to add water elements such as small creek, waterfall or pond, the closer to the water source, the better is the motto.

Know your plants means that you need to know the kind of land you want in your front yard landscape design ideas. Read the label of the seed or observe other front yard plants via browsing or travelling around your neighborhood as an inspiration. Besides its color, you need to consider on how it grows, how much fertilizer it needs, how much sun and water it needs, how far should the interval in between plants etc. all of the information about it are available for all of you and for both in the net or magazine.

The last but not least is knowing your sun. The word sun here means the weather. You should take a look at your landscape, which parts are shaded, higher and receives more water and sun. Understanding your sun will determine you on what kinds of plants survive and bloom in what weather. Combining different colored flowers in different season will maintain the beauty of your front yard landscape design ideas.

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