Fireplace Mantel Design Ideas

Mantel is like a frame of a picture. You can have a beautiful picture, but when it is poorly framed, you will find that its beauty is diminishing due to the plainness of the frame. On the other hand, a plain and simple picture can be made into an attractive when you put an attractive frame on it. That is how a mantel works in bringing out the beauty of your fireplace. And that is why choosing the right mantel is not easy. We are here to help you by showing you some of these tips on fireplace mantel design ideas.

Material comes first when we are talking about fireplace mantel design ideas. Mantel can be made from various materials such as woods, bricks, gypsum, marble, metal, glass and even any kind of ceramic and natural stones. Consider the kind of room style you want to incorporate it with to decide on the right materials. If you opt for a more modern look, glass, wooden panel, smoothly cut granite or ceramic is best. However, if you want a more traditional look, bricks and stones as the extensions of the fireplace itself can bring out the neutrality of an old log house in your room.

Balance and harmony comes second in fireplace mantel design ideas. Once you have decided on which material to use, make sure that you set them in the right balance and harmony with the rest of the fireplace’s elements including the wall and chimney. Adjust the size of the mantel according to the width of your fireplace. Make sure you left some space beyond its widths so it will seems balances. A narrow mantel will not do. Make it at least at the same width or a little bit wider than the fireplace itself. Harmony can come from how the material, color and design blend well with the rest of the fireplace elements, for example wooden elements for bricks fireplace, etc.

Decoration comes next in fireplace mantel design ideas. Mantel can be left bare with nothing on it or it can be used as a decorative element by putting decorative items on it. Pictures, clocks, small statues or china with vases of flowers can be set on it to add the beauty of your fireplace. Remember do not overdo it by packing up everything on your mantel. Better you set one or two pictures in the middle and then leave the rest of the mantel bare. You can also set a TV set above it to add the function of the fireplace.

Whatever fireplace mantel design ideas you choose, make sure it is based on your taste. A design works best when it describes the creator’s emotion. Be creative!

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