English Country Garden Design Ideas

What an English country garden offers you is the beauty of nature in its freedom and very basic elements. There is no rule, there is no closure, and there is no limit. All is free to grow and all colors are free to mix. That is all an English country garden can offer to the view. What they over to you instead of the view is the easier maintenance despite the natural beauty it offers. Nowadays, more people are interested in this kind of garden. If you are one of them but do not know how to start, here are some of English country garden design ideas to help you.

An English country garden design ideas requires you to be creative in choosing the right flowers to grow in your garden. There is no set rule which one should be planted on it. You can decide on which flowers you like the most. Remember that an English country garden is particular with its colorful flowers. It means that a mono chromatic flower is a must when you love yellow flowers. Be generous and add more colors on your flower beds which can distract bees and butterflies. Arrange them in such a way that one plant benefits the others in the terms of shade but does not destroy each other in the form of pest plants.

Space is never an issue in an English country garden design ideas. Small space can be magically transformed into a beautiful garden by a little space adjustment trick. Reduce the planted area and leave the pathway and lush greeneries bigger so it seems that you have wider space. For a wider garden, you can add wider sitting area, adding flower features such as a pond or a fountain and lush greeneries wherever you want. This will be able to make use every part of your garden into a perfect place to enjoy the beauty of your garden.

Additional accessories such as statues, miniature of Roman temples, Chinese pavilion etc is best in the 18th century when this kind of English country garden design ideas became a trend in England. The accessories can be put randomly or set in one place in particular. As long as it still bring out the old English era with appropriate materials such as wooden chairs, metal or iron stools or benches on it will suffice. Remember to stain them well to protect them from weather.

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