Courtyard Garden Design Ideas

A courtyard garden design ideas is like an extension of the house in the form of a garden. It is like your green veranda. It is mostly attached to the main building of a house and is usually packed or small in size. Most of the time, a courtyard garden is surrounded by walls to give its owner both privacy and safety in both enjoying the garden and staying in the house. If you are interested to have one in your house, here are some of the tips for you.

The most important characteristics of a courtyard garden design ideas is the closure or in other words the walls. If we think of a wall surrounding a small spaced area full with plants, we might feel cramped and uncomfortable as if we are jailed in the garden. To prevent this to happen, you can transform the wall look into the more friendly or natural looking ones. Instead of having solid walls around your garden, you better have trellis wit plants hovering on it, or potted plants with colorful flowers in front of it. Fences from various designs and materials are applicable as walls when it is smoothen by natural plants on it.

The next about planning a great courtyard garden design ideas is the view that comes out of it. A courtyard garden is all about the view into it then from it. What I mean is that, a beautiful courtyard garden should look perfect in every angle of the house even from the windows on the second floor. That is a challenge in itself since you need to do some research by taking good look of your garden from every angle of the house. If there is a big plant blocking the view from the top floor, you need to replace it. If the plants are too tall for you to see into it from your kitchen you need to trim it.

The setting of a courtyard garden design ideas is not as complicated as a formal French style garden and yet not as random as cottage garden. You need to reduce the amount of plants to make sure that the garden will look spacey and less crowded. Instead of planting bushes here and there, plotted plants with beautiful flowers in various colors are more good looking and easier to arrange and adjust to your setting. Always remember that simplicity is best in cottage garden design since it only has small area to create it.

A cottage garden is technically a patio garden. Due to its limited size, sometimes patio is combined within the garden itself which force you to keep the plants around the lounging area of your patio. Do not worry you can be creative with the use of various plants or trellis to separate the parts of planted area and lounging area. Remember that neat and clean is best combined with nature such as the characteristics of courtyard garden design ideas.

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