Corner Fireplace Design Ideas

Having a center fireplace is not the luxury of everyone. A warm source of warmth in the middle of the room is indeed comfortable in the harsh cold wind of winter. However, some people have to settle for a corner fireplace instead for some circumstances. If you are one of them and do not know what to do about it, some of these corner fireplace design ideas will do lots of help to you and your family.

Chimneys are common in a fireplace with logs. A corner fireplace allows you to make your chimney as a decorative item as well. Try to have a chimney which goes from the floor to the ceiling. You can put the flat surface of the chimney wall to hang your paintings or even a television set. Another option is having a round chimney which goes up from the floor. Create some nooks or niches on its wall to put your decorations or simply paint it with contrasting colors to give a focal point on it will suffice your excellent corner fireplace design ideas.

A mantel in a fireplace is essential. In a corner fireplace, a mantle can be utilized for another function such as a place to put your pictures or decorations. Candles, Chinas, statues or other ornaments van be stacked on it neatly. In this term, it serves as a storage system too. Choose brick fireplace and granite mantle for a classy traditional style. More modern fireplace allows you to have no mantle at all and opt to use decorative elements such as decorative tiles or accents on your corner fireplace design ideas.

If you do not want to be troubled by maintenance of firewood and chimneys, a modern stand alone fireplace with gas can be your simple corner fireplace design ideas option. They come with various kinds of designs to go with your room. You can buy it easily and have them installed directly without altering your construction.

Heavy and space consuming chimney can be eliminated for a better use of space and spacious effect in your small room. If you like simpler option, open bioethanol fueled fireplace is another magic that technology can give to your corner fireplace design ideas. They can be installed easily on your wall which gives you more space for your furniture and be creative with the area below the fireplace to decorate with pebbles or other decorations.

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