Ceramic Floor Design Ideas

One might think that any kind of floor will do for any kind of house. Think again, floor is important since it is one of the focal point in a room. In fact, it consumes the most space in a room. Gorgeous flooring can change the whole look of an ordinary room. If your floor is dull and unattractive, it is the time for you to consider changing it into ceramic floor. This kind of floor comes in various design and looks which you can freely choose to match your home design. If you are still new on this, here are some ceramic floor design ideas tips for you.

When choosing what kind of ceramic floor design ideas to match your room, you better consider the condition of the room first. Color and design are essential in this term. If your room is relatively bigger with enough lighting, you are free to choose whatever color and design of tiles you want for it. However, if your room is relatively dark and small, brighter colored ceramics can brighten up the room and make it seems bigger. Natural color such as cream, light brown, wooden designed ceramics are more natural for all kinds of rooms. You better choose neutral color if you are confused on which to choose.

As the matter of ceramic floor design ideas, ceramics come with various form and design. Some ceramics are made to look like wood, marble, stone, or bricks which make it easier for you to choose the one which match your design without having to expand your budget for the real stone or wood floor. You can even print various pictures or photograph on it to bring our unique look on your room. 3D printed ceramic is gaining its popularity. Imagine having a 3D picture under your feet! It’s amazing how technology seems to spoil us.

The next thing you need to consider is setting up on how you will put them on your ceramic floor design ideas. Some techniques such as mosaic can be your option to give pattern on your floor. Making frame or trim with different color and size of ceramics will give an outstanding look to your floor. Smaller and darker colored ceramic are usually used tor this kind of function. If you want to have a more French style or classical floor look in your room, you can opt to set up different color and sizes of ceramics into mosaic form such as lotus, diamond, insignia, etc.

Ceramics needs to be glazed if you prefer to have it sparkle; however, it can be slippery at times. You better choose different ceramic floor design ideas for different area, rougher ones for bathroom or kitchen to prevent from being slippery.

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