Brick Fireplace Design Ideas

Having a house with natural feel is indeed a luxury on its own. Living in a big city with its crowded and busy lifestyle does not mean that you cannot enjoy nature anymore. In fact, you can bring nature to your house or apartment simply by bringing up its element in one or two parts of your interior. Brick can be your option. Set them on your wall or fireplace to give a calming natural feel in your house or apartment. If wall is too much, fireplace will do. Check out some of these cool brick fireplace design ideas below.

Brick fireplace design ideas can come in various ways. The first thing that you can do to make your brick fireplace looks outstanding is by choosing the right material. Bricks come in various colors and shades. Make sure that you choose the right color matches the rest of the room. if your room is wide with lots of light coming in, you might need to tone down the brightness by choosing dark colored bricks. However, if your room is narrow and lacking of light, monotonous brighter colored bricks will be better. It will make the room seems bigger.

The next thing you need to do with your brick fireplace design ideas is deciding how you will apply your bricks. Some fireplaces set the bricks in the whole wall adjoining with the fireplace. Some other even makes choose the same bricks for the flooring. Matching the bricks with the rest of the walls and flooring will create a classical look in the room, make it seems medieval like. But if you opt to have the bricks on the fireplace or the mantle only, you better match the color and materials of your bricks with the rest of the room for unity.

Brick fireplace design ideas come with various kinds of mantle. You can match it with woods, ceramic, granite, glass even custom mantle sold in stores. Bricks are natural so it goes with any mantle. Think out of the box when you choose the right mantle for your brick fireplace. If you like classical look, you can even have bricks as your mantle or luxurious carved wooden mantle. However, if you want to have a simple and chick look in your fireplace, you can have a simple wood or glass pane hung above your mantle.

If you do not like the natural look of your brick fireplace design ideas, you can always paint them to match the rest of the room. Glossy natural black stone color is perfect to match your modern room. Other colors such as light blue, peach, crème, or light brick red can be your alternatives. Remember to stain them well for easier maintenance.

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